Introducing Our New Sales Team

esp are delighted to announce the addition of two new Regional Sales Managers – Mark Grainger for the South East and Chad Theakston for the South West.

Oliver Limpkin has been promoted to Sales Manager, vacating the regional role now filled by Mark. Chad has taken over the South West area from his predecessor Neill Tucker.

We also have our new Telephone Account Managers – Daniel Stentiford, who will be looking after the South West and Northern England and Joanne Dixon who will be managing accounts for Scotland, Ireland and the South East.

Important Announcement

ISO Logo

We are thrilled to announce that we have entered the initial stages of implementing ISO9001:2008 Quality and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Standards with ISO Quality Services..

A Quality Management System is a systematic and process driven approach to managing a business. What does this mean for the esp customer? It is proof that we will provide consistent; reliable and fit for purpose solutions. We will improve our customer / supplier relationship by responding proactively to customer feedback and ensure any issues are identified and resolved promptly. By design the standard ensures we will continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

An Environmental Management System is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling the aspects of our business which have a significant impact on the environment. What does this mean for the esp customer? It is reassurance for any of our customers who take an active interest in environmental performance that they are working with a company which promotes a shared environmental ethos. It is proof we are a forward thinking environmentally aware organisation that fulfils its corporate social responsibility.

We anticipate certification within the next month or two and will keep you updated with our progress.

esp…. a great deal of difference

esp-new strap logo

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and convertors of disposable paper products we like to think we are continuing to make a great deal of difference within our industry after 24 years.

We like to make a difference locally…

We currently employ 50 people – 95% of which come from the local county.

We like to make a difference to our customers…

As a company we have a vision of delivering a high quality product, alongside first class customer service.

We like to make a difference in house…

We are on a journey of continuous improvement and development in all areas of our business.

esp….. a great deal of difference

Blackmore Park – work progresses

Blackmore Park - work progresses

Site clearance well underway with the demolition of remainder of old buildings and site cleared whilst recycling as many items as possible. The flattened area shown will be the location of our new factory and warehouse facility.

To date, over 110 tonnes has been cleared from the site – that’s equivalent to 80 male African elephants!!

Blackmore Park Team Visit

Before Christmas the team from ESP were given the opportunity to visit the new site at Blackmore Park.  We were collected from our current site on the Enigma Business Park and driven the short distance to Blackmore Park only 15 minutes away at the foot of the Malvern Hills.

Front of Office Building at Blackmore Park

We were all very excited to be given the opportunity to see the site for the first time and to be able to ask questions about the move.

On arrival we had the opportunity to look around the shell of the office building which has already been built –many were already choosing where they wanted their offices to be!  We were then taken on a tour of the 12 acre site, I don’t think any of us appreciated how big the site was going to be –I’m pretty sure I heard a few request for golf buggies to help people cover the large site when we move in!

After the tour the team met up in the office building for lunch where a display had been put together outlining the history of Blackmore Park and how ESP intend to develop the site which were all very interesting – for example, did you know Blackmore Park was used as a military hospital in World War 2?

Keep an eye on the blog or the At Issue newsletter for further updates which will include details on the very interesting history of Blackmore Park which can be traced back to the early 1500.

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Martin and Steve’s Weight Loss Challenge – Completed!

For their final challenge Martin and Steve were challenge to walk the Malvern Hills, from The Clock Tower to British Camp and back with a 35lb Bergan strapped to their backs by ESP Warehouse Supervisor Kevin Lambert.

The pair were encouraged on by family and colleagues who accompanied them on the hike, the challenge was completed successfully in 6 hours.

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This challenge, combined with the determination and hard work put in over the past few month have seen Martin and Steve succeed in the Weight Loss Challenge.  Between them they have managed to lose 32lbs.

The challenge doesn’t stop here, Carl Theakston, ESP Chairman, has challenged the pair to maintain their weight loss until May 11th and he will double what they have raised for Help for Heroes so far.

Please help keep Martin and Steve motivated by donating to their chosen charity Help for Heroes.  It’s easy to donate, every penny you donate will go towards a brilliant cause, please visit the to make your donation.

Container Challenge Complete!

Congratulations to Martin and Steve on completing their container challenge on Friday 17th February.  Martin and Steve worked incredibly hard to unload the 2,182 cases from container by hand, it’s safe to say both found it a lot harder than they expected.

The challenge was to unload the container in less than 3 hours.  With 5 minutes remaining the final full pallet was ready to be pulled off when disaster struck, the pallet broke!  This pallet had to be unloaded and then re-stacked sending the pair 3 minutes over their target time.

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Martin and Steve are raising money for help for Heroes, it’s easy to sponsor them, every penny you donate goes towards a brilliant cause.  Please visit the dedicated sponsorship page at

Day Two – Celebrating 21 years of disposable paper

Our celebrations didn’t stop on day one, so what better than to kick the second day off than in the middle of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside with no sight of civilisation around us. With an added bonus on the campsite, a field kitchen drove in and set up within minutes to cook each of the 40 team members a full English breakfast. We didn’t know it yet but it would definitely prepare us for the challenging day ahead.

Filled with breakfast we were ready to take on anything and started our journey on the coach.

With many of us over the next hour peering out of the window searching for clues, we finally set sights on the Go Ape course. Nestled in the heart of the Forest of Dean all four teams headed by the directors of ESP tackled 806 meters swinging through the tree tops.

The longest zip wire was attempted with difficulty and measured 180 metres long with the highest point reaching 15 metres meaning most of us landed on our backsides. We were very nervous and some were afraid of heights but with everyone encouraging each other we managed to battle our way through and complete the course.

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At the end of the day The Red Team – Team Theakston were crowned over all winners for the whole weekend. A fun day was certainly had by all!

The afternoon then saw us eat lunch before heading back home for a much earned bath!

Over the two day adventure a few of our team had some great words to say:

“Being able to interact with people that we don’t work with day to day, in a setting where we get to act like kids again, was one of the highlights of my year!”

“Swinging from trees, dancing around a fire, kayaking along the tranquility that is the Wye! Swallows and Amazons had nothing on our ESP Birthday weekend celebrations!”

We at ESP are proud to be a local employer and with a family of 50 team members we are proud to say we are all friends. Although we have fun, we strive in our hard work ethic and determination to develop a national presence for our business.

Till next time,

Tissue Girl